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Pegasus Textiles

Pegasus Textiles Heavy Duty Oven Cloth PACK OF 10

Pegasus Textiles Heavy Duty Oven Cloth PACK OF 10


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Our Heavy-Duty Oven Cloths, designed to provide exceptional heat protection and durability for all your kitchen needs. Each pack contains a quantity of 10 high-quality oven cloths, ensuring you have ample supply for all your cooking and baking adventures.

Crafted from 100% Cotton, these oven cloths feature a natural herringbone weave, creating a heavy-weight fabric that offers long-lasting heat protection. Their robust construction makes them perfect for handling hot pots, pans, and baking trays with ease and confidence.

QUANTITY: One pack contains 10 heavy-duty oven cloths for ample supply.

MATERIAL: Made from 100% cotton for reliable heat protection and durability.

: Features a natural herringbone weave for a heavy-weight fabric that lasts.

: Ideal for handling hot cookware and providing heat protection in the kitchen.

Upgrade your kitchen essentials with our Heavy-Duty Oven Cloths, offering reliable heat protection and durability to enhance your cooking and baking experience.

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